Admissions and student enrollment:

1. Youth class (age 12-18)
2. Adult class (above 18)
3. VIP elite class (for contributors to public welfare and charity)
4. Master class (for well-based art learners)

Children’s poetry, Chinese language learning, calligraphy, ink painting, music and photography classes are taught by young Hong Kong artists.

Children should be above 5 years old, well focused candidates are preferred.

Class hour and fees:

HK$8,000 for 16 sessions of calligraphy, ink painting, seal carving and health cultivation classes
HK$16,000 for 16 sessions of Guzheng and Guqin classes
HK$6,800 for 16 sessions of health cultivation, meditation, yoga and poetry classes
HK$2,800 for 8 sessions of children’s courses
HK$4,800 for 4 sessions of VIP elite course and master course.

PS.60 minutes per session. Course fees are non-refundable. Make-up class will be arranged for those absent.


Students can enroll the course by visiting our centre at 1/F, 2/F, Block A, Wah Sing Building, 61-63 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong or fill in the form below.

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