Chinese Culture Club is an institution dedicated to Chinese traditional cultural education. It provides a comfortable environment for youth and people from all walks of life who love traditional art, to learn Chinese calligraphy, ink painting, music, seal carving and poetry.

Chinese Culture Club is also a cultural salon, where people are free to exchange views, share learning experiences, tap into personal artistic potential, gain confidence and improve communication skills.

Chinese Culture Club can be your ideal Peach Colony in modern society.

Courses: Chinese calligraphy, ink painting, seal carving, Guzheng, Guqin, health cultivation, meditation, yoga and poetry.

Teaching staff:

Professor Foo Sai Heng, master of Chinese calligraphy and seal carving, alumnus of Hong Kong Chinese University

  • Professor Zou Lunlun, Guzheng Master
  • Professor Zhou yi, Guqin master, member of Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, graduate of Shanghai Conservatory of Music
  • Professor Wang Leiyan, graduate of Shanghai East China Normal University
  • Professor Wang Kaige, Communication University of China
  • Professor Wang Peng, master maker of Guqin
  • Professor Xu Xianliang, master of ink painting from Shenyang Luxun Academy of Fine Arts